For every recipe, store and business there is a website. For this task I was told to make a website, I choose to make my website on what I am doing for my senior project making a cookbook. The process I used to learn the content for this task was, in class over the semester I learned to use Dreamweaver and Flash. In this task I demonstrated my ability to use Dreamweaver and Flash. The importance of using Dreamweaver is in case I ever want to create a website for a business or store I may work for in my life. The importance of learning Flash is if I ever want to make a flash animation.
The process I use to complete my website was first I figured out what I wanted to make my website on, I choose to make my website on cooking because that is what my senior project is about. Next I researched my topic, I decided that in my website I would talk about the basics of cooking. I would go over the needed cutlery and the tools that are needed to cook. Next I started putting my website together so I could see how it looked. Some obstacles that I encountered were creating a flash, I could not remember how to use flash. I also ran into difficulty staying on task, I could not focus on making my website. This task helped me understand web design because I now know that to make a website it takes a lot of time.
The completion of this task has helped me as a student because I now know how to make a website from scratch. I have also learned how to stay on topic with my assignments even when I do not want to. I anticipate to use these skills in the future if I ever take another computer class in college.

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