There are thousands and thousands of websites in the World Wide Web, but you don’t suspect all the work that goes into each aspect of it. In this common task, we had to take our knowledge of website creating through the program Adobe Dreamweaver and take our knowledge of animation making through the program Adobe Flash. We had to take this information, then make a website about a subject that we enjoyed, in my case, hockey. To perform this task, we had to first do many trials with each of the programs, ensuring that we are able to apply different actions to our website and flash. Then, after learning, I found a topic that I enjoyed researching, the NHL. I then made an animation that applied to my topic. To continue, I wrote about different parts of the NHL, a little bit of the history, and a current schedule that would all be included in my website. Background skills that I used include reading, writing, and researching skills. Also I needed to have good time management to finish this project in time. I acquired many skills regarding websites and flash animations. These skills were very important for the task because that is what is based on.

To complete the website, I performed extensive research and incorporated different linked pictures and other tool to boost the visual pleasantness. To do this I used Adobe programming. Obstacles in encountered in completing this task is that I had trouble importing my flash into my website. Another obstacle I encountered is that I had trouble learning the ways to create a scroll over menu bar. The final obstacle that I encountered was finding ways to incorporate pictures onto different layers of the animation. I solved these ideas by asking friends or searching them on the internet. This task will help me understand web design because the programs that we used are what many websites use to create there visually appealing animations and sites.

The completion of this task helps me as a student because it taught me time management skills and skills such as writing and the ability to perform adequate research. I had to take the research, and translate it into my own words. I anticipate using these skills in every one of my classes, because they are the basis to all types of learning and task completing. This task was worthwhile and informative.