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While snowboarding can be done anywhere snow is located, most snowboard on designated mountains that are maintained specifically for skiing and snowboarding.
These mountains have "Trails" that are basically cleared paths that the rider goes down. In order to get to the top of the mountain the rider rides a ski lift, which is essentially a chair suspended by rope. This lift runs on a closed track that goes from the top of the mountain to the bottom. Slopes on a mountain have snow cannons on them and at most resorts new snow is made daily.

Because not every snowboarder has the same skill sets, commercial mounatins offer a range of different slopes, these slopes are categorized by difficulty as follows

NOVICE: This is the easiest type of slope and usually are not that steep

INTERMEDIATE: This is the median type of slope and are slightly more challenging than novice. They can be fairly steep but are often narrow making going down them slightly more difficult

EXPERT: This is the hardest type of slope and a higher skill set is required to ride on these slopes. They are steep, narrow, and often pretty difficult to go down.