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Learning Reflection

            The internet has grown so much in popularity that almost every person has at least one computer in their household. With all of the growing popularity in computers the field of web design has been expanding rapidly and many have turned creating websites into a career. For this task I was assigned to create an entire website from start to finish. This website had to include multiple web pages, a flash animation, and other minor requirements such as having a tittle on each page. In order to prepare for this task I went through a learning process. This included learning how to create flash animations with Mr. Herz step by step. We also learned how to use the website creating software Dreamweaver with Mr. Herz. By completing this task I demonstrated my ability to use the computer software to create a fully functioning website. These skills could prove to be very important in not only my academic career, but my professional career because websites can be created for almost anything and provide unlimited benefits. These skills are very important to have because they are so easily applicable to so many aspects of a person’s life.
In order to create this website I started from a blank Dreamweaver website. From here I added all of the information and pictures necessary to make the website functional. This was done over the course of several weeks because creating new websites takes time and cannot be rushed. Some obstacles that I encountered over the course of designing my website was that my flash animation was not working properly and because I couldn’t fix it, I had to start my flash from scratch again. Because the problem in my flash was really hard to identify and fix and also because I was on such a tight schedule I think starting over was a good decision because my second flash animation is even better than the first. This task helped me understand web design a lot more; I now realize how much work has to go into designing a website. It also made me realize how much work is put into the much-complicated websites that I visit daily.
This task has helped expand my knowledge of websites and I now have firm grasp on how to properly design a website. Because technology is becoming so popular especially computers, having the skills to design a website is very important and could be a professional benefit. Not only is it useful, it can be applied to virtually anything. I can now design website for class projects, personal use, or even a business. My new website designing skills could also prove to be very useful in future occupations. This project has helped me not only understand websites and how they work but appreciate them.