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Every business, from small to large, has an official website these days and requires web designers to create and monitor it. For this task I put to the test all of my skills I have learned during web design. I was required to create a website based off a specific topic, which I choose to do a Green Bay Packers fan site. We were each required to do five pages of information, and then a works cited of the resources we used, and a reflection page. We were given the option to do the flash as a page, or part of another page. But, the flash page wouldn’t count as one of the five information pages. In the end I decided to make the flash its own page because it looked cleaner and nicer. To gain the knowledge to do all of this, we spent the entire semester learning the material and skills needed to create this final product. I demonstrated many skills to do this task, including my skills to organize my website, create tables, insert links, pictures, create a flash, and more. Each of these skills was very important to be able to do this task because we had to use them several times during the assignment.

The process for this task was a long one. First we all picked specific topics we were going to research and make websites for. Then we made a graphic organizer of all the web pages in our site and what each page would include at the end. Next, we did more vigorous research and gathered the information we were going to use on our websites. Then we set up each page of the website with tables and universal backgrounds. Then we plugged in the information we were going to use on each page in our own words, making sure to site where we got the information on the works cited page. Then I created my global navigational bar that is used to navigate from each page of the website. Finally I searched for pictures to make my website more appealing to the eye for the fans who will eventually visit the webpage. One of the major problems I ran into during this process is staying motivated to do the work. I tend to slack off and procrastinate thinking I will have enough time in the end to do it, which in some cases is true but in most isn’t. Another problem I ran into is the making of the flash because it’s been awhile since I learned it and I missed a handful of classes so it was hard for me to remember all the steps. To trouble shoot these errors I had some help from my friends around me and I used Google a little to figure out some of the commands that I was missing when I needed it. This task was very important in teaching the importance of web design because a lot of people probably don’t know exactly how much time and effort it takes to go through and create a web page. I now feel comfortable knowing I could go through and create a working flash and webpage in a decent amount of time that would work and appeal to a universal audience.

The completion of this task has helped me a great deal. The most important part to me is knowing that businesses everywhere are looking for people who can create, monitor and enhance their websites. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard for someone with the skills to get hired to work on websites for a living; I even know a handful of people who do. This task has also helped me as a student by testing my time management skills, since we had a firm deadline that we all had to meet. Another skill this task has helped me be better as a student is showing how I can apply all the knowledge I have learned and putting it to the test. Which I know appeals greatly to workplaces who are hiring. This course as a whole has helped me as a student because I plan to further my technological skills in the future when I move on to college next year. I hope to use these skills again in the future with either a job or as a hobby and creating my very own. I feel comfortable knowing I could again repeat and finish another appealing website.