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Christmas is a holiday celebrated on December 25th, rejoicing Jesus Christ’s day of birth. Although the New Testament did not include Jesus's birthdate, we celebrate Christianity and Jesus's life on this winter day. Many different countries celebrate Christmas in many different ways, and generally Christians only celebrate Christmas. Other religions such as Judaism celebrate Hanukkah. The reason it is held in mid-December is because that was around the time, they slaughtered the cattle in Europe and food was available for feasts, while others celebrated then because of the winter solstice.  Christmas wasn’t even declared a national holiday by congress in till June 26, 1870. Some people ask where Santa Clause originated from. St. Nicholas was a monk who lived in Turkey, and let go of all selfishness and helped other people his whole life. He was known to be one of the greatest saints in all history, because he traveled around the world and helped the poor.  He died on December 6th and that date is known to be a good day to get married or make big purchases.  In 1774, Saint Nicholas’s name became known to new Yorkers when a newspaper explained how Dutch families were celebrating his death. In 1820 stores began to advertise Christmas, and by 1840 newpapers had holiday advertisements. In the early 1980's kids started to want to go see Santa at a mall or store and tell him what they wanted for christmas. The Salvation Army then began collecting money to give to families in need for a holiday dinner.