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Madison Loomis

Web Graphics & Design

Mr. Herz

1 December 2011


For this common task I had to create a website on a certain topic that intrigued me. I choose Christmas because I enjoy Christmas time and it is that time of the year. The first thing I had to do was complete a plan sheet outlining which each page was going to include on it and the order in which they would be presented on the web page. Mr. Herz came around and checked to make sure it was complete and gave us a certain amount of points toward my final grade. From there we had the choice to make our flash image first or set up our website. I choose to set up my website and then make my flash image. I knew this would be better for me since I struggle with flash so wasting a lot of time at it first off might only frustrate me. For my flash player I choose to make a Christmas tree with ornaments that moved back and forth. It was a simple task but because I struggle in making my animations, for me it was a challenge. I learned how to do complete my website and cite different websites and be able to actually have my own website published. This skill is useful because, for example, I had to make a website for going away as a foreign exchange student and I used my skills from web graphics to create one.

For this task I had to create a website on something that no one else in the class was. The process was long mostly for me just because we had to create 8 pages at least and have enough content on each. This could require tedious, and repetitive work, as far as graphs and charts go, and different pictures. Once you had the process down of finding pictures and information and citing the website, it was easy but a long process. It didn’t take me that long, but the movie we had to create for it was harder for me. I’m better at using Dreamweaver then making GIF's, so making my Christmas tree with moving ornaments was more of a challenge. When I did struggle in making my GIF, I would just go back and either creates a new layer of new ornaments or redo the motion progression. It became frustrating, but I also made sure to ask questions and ask for assistance when I could not figure it out on my own. Doing this task was our way of showing that we are able to design a website, which is what the course is for. I know understand how websites are made and will be able to create one for anything, along with what programs I can use to complete it. I can make a GIF using my own drawings on Adobe and can transfer my image into my website. I know how other websites and different blogs are made and how much work goes into them, especially with codes and formatting. We didn’t use HTML's in our task, but that part of web graphics was difficult for me and I can’t imagine having to create my own.

Completing this task hasn't really made me a better student, but made me a more skilled student. I can make my own website on my own and publish it, which I couldn’t before. I find myself asking questions for cartoons on how long it had to have took them to create it, since making my simple website, took half of a semester. I look at different GIFS on tumblr, or in commercials, or on twitter and I know how these people were able to make them. I will be able to use these skills when I am in Panama and I need to blog different photos and information. This course was beneficial to me and will help me in my future not only in my one years left here at Narragansett High School but my young adulthood and just having this skill is meaningful.