Maggie Salomone
Mr. Herz
Web Design
3 January 2012

            I can’t say how many times that I have been on a website and clicked links and pictures to lead me to other links, and gone so deep into websites and seen how complex it really was. Up until now I did not know it would be so difficult to create my own website with its own links and different pages. For this task, Creating a Website, I had to choose a topic I was interested in and create an entire website on the topic. I chose to do my website on the Ohio State Buckeyes men’s basketball team. I had to learn many different aspects of a computer and different programs to be able to finish this task. The programs that I had to do in order to have knowledge on making a website were, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Prior to using these sites, I had no background knowledge of how to work the programs or for that matter any computer technology besides the common Internet. By completing this task, however, I acquired many skills such as Technology Standard 2.2 Students practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software, and also Technology Standard 5.1 Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources. These skills were very important for this task, because if you did not use multiple sources for your website, it would not be done very well. You would have a lot of the same information and not a variety of things, like you would if you used a variety of sources. Also if kids did not treat the technology with respect, then you would get your account frozen and not be able to log on to work on your project.
            To complete this task, it was no walk in the park. The first thing that I had to do to become a step closer to completing this task was to create a base, or home page. Once my homepage was in existence, I had to complete other pages such as a page for the players, statistics, and a quiz to make the website come to life. While doing this there was a speed bump in the road to success. I had completed a portion of a page and then soon realized I needed to have another row and column to make the page complete. I had to copy and paste all of the work I had finished, and retype it into the website page again. This had taken up a lot of my time and I became worried that it would not be complete in time, I was wrong. It seemed as if making that mistake had set something off and made me work faster and more efficient the rest of the time. This task has helped to realize a few things, one being what Web Design really is. This class is a class to help someone understand the complexities of a computer and the different properties of it and how some things that seem so simple are actually quite complicated.
            By completing this task, it has helped me greatly as a student. In my completion of the task I had come across obstacles on my way. Before this task I would sometimes think something looks too hard for me so I will have to skip it, but knowing this is worth a big grade I tried to conquer that “fear” and found out it was not so hard after all. Sometimes things look hard then they seem but now I have to think of the famous saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is a very true saying that has helped me realize I can do things that I thought one time I could not do. In the future I will use what I have learned to never give up on anything that may come across my path. No matter how hard something may seem, I will always make sure I push myself to try whatever it is, and in the end if I cannot complete it, I will know I tried my best, as Zig Ziglar once said, “When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you.”

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