Lunar Eclipses

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A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth's shadow blocks the sun's light from striking the moon. A lunar eclipse can only happen whenthe Earth, moon, and sun are perfectly align. Also, this type of eclipse can only happen during the night of a full moon.

There a a couple of differences between Unlike a solar eclipse, where it can only be viewed on a certain spot on the Earth, a lunar eclipse can be viewed from any area on the night side of the world. Also, a lunar eclipse may last for a couple of hours instead of just a few minutes. One last difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse is that a lunar eclipse is perfectly safe to view withhout any eye protection or precautions because the event is actually dimmer than a full moon.

Several ancient cultures had myths about what a lunar eclipse means. Most relate to some kind of mythilogical creature or demon swallowing the moon for a short period of time.