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Ryan Flynn
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics
17 January 2012

Creating a Website
Exploring the web and visiting the thousands and thousands of websites that it has can be really fun. But where did all of these websites come from and who made them? This semester in Web Design, each student had to come up with a topic of interest and create their own website about it. We also were required to design a flash animation about our topic top present on the website. In order to learn how to make the website and create an animation we had to learn all about what the structure of a webpage looks like and the content that it should have. We started by using Notepad to write our own HTML codes and view them with internet explorer. Then we moved on to a program called Adobe Dreamweaver where a code is written for you as you construct your webpage with all the tools that it has to offer. Also, during the semester we had to learn about flash animation with a program called Adobe Flash. We were taught how to make objects move by creating frames and moving the position of the objects over time. Also we learned about layers and all sorts of shapes and motion paths that we could use. While doing this task I acquired the skills needed to make a website as well as some others. I learned how to use my time management skills as well as my creative skills. The importance of time management for this task is that I need to be able to keep an eye on the time so I could finish all of the important components with quality. Also, having creativity helped me to come up with some good ideas that I could put onto my website or my flash project.
The process I used to create my website was to create an organizer for my site in a Word document. I first came up with a topic: Eclipses, then I had to list a target audience and purpose. I then created a chart to represent the structure of my website and describe what each page was going to be about. Next, I went on to creating my flash animation that I was going to be putting into the website. After finalizing that I got to work on actually making the website. I had to define the site in a folder and make all of the pages. Then I went about linking all of the different pages together, adding tables, and creating a navigational bar. After that I started researching information about eclipses online and writing my notes on the different web pages. I also had to get pictures from the internet and link them to their original websites. Finally, I created the reflection, added a works cited page and imported my flash animation. During the process I came across a few obstacles here and there. One was trying to make different motion paths in my animation turn on and off at different times. Another was actually importing my flash animation into Dreamweaver so it would display correctly in Internet Explorer. For help with these problems I asked for help from peers or went back and looked at examples I had done in the past. I believed that this task helped me understand web design because I now know how web pages are created and what the different tools are that can be used to create them. Also, I have a better understanding of how flash animations work and how they can be created.
I think that the completion of this task has helped me as a student because I now know more about the creation of websites and also, experience with the program Dreamweaver. My time management, creativity, and research skills were developed as I created my website and found information for it. I think that in the future having the skill of being able make a website could help me create a new type of presentation format for projects in other classes. Also, time management will be an important skill for the future as I start to complete more and more long-term projects. Overall, I believe that this task provided me with both experience and improved skills.