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What age should you or your child start lessons?

The recommended age to start in trumpet lessons is 9 years. Lessons shoukd teach your child the proper position for holding the trumpet, embouchure (the way you shape your mouth while playing), sound repertoire, finger placement, and especially music reading. 


In order to excel in playing the trumpet, you have to practice. Try to get a good 20-30 minutes minimum of practice in every day. Some days when you don't feel like playing, watch your favorite tv show and during the 3 minute commercial practice a measure or line of music that needs to be articulated better or a place that just needs to be practiced.


Most trumpet lessons last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Depending on your lesson instructor and your schedule, you will agree on an appropriate time and place to meet. The lessons normally go into you, personally, stop them.


In this day and age, not many people have money to waste. By researching for lesson instructors you can find some instructors that will only charge $30. However, others typically charge and average of $25-$30 for a 30 minute lesson, $30-$45 for a 45 minute lesson, and $45-$60 for a 60 minute lesson. The pay of your lesson depends on:

  • the instructor
  • music lessons
  • cost of the instrument
  • cost of materials

Below are some helpful videos when trying to practice scales and breathing:





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