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Ryan Tudino
Mr. Herz
Web Graphic + Design
13 January 2012

Name of task: Creating a Website
Core/Content Area: Technology
NHS Mission Learner Expectations

1.1 Communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats.
1.4 Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information
2.1 Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration.
Technology Standard 1.2 Students are proficient in the use of technology.
Technology Standard 2.2 Students practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software.
Technology Standard 5.1 Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.

Construction of a Website
Have you ever actually taken the time to appreciate a website instead of scanning it through it for information? A creation of website is a hard and tedious task. For my common task, I needed to properly navigate Flash and Dreamweaver to create a flash animation and a website based on the topic of my choice. In order for me to properly construct this task, I needed to know how to navigate and manipulate Flash, to create an animation worthy of proficiency. I also had to know how to properly make a website development showing what the website will consist of and how to use Dreamweaver to create a website. Knowing how to use Dreamweaver includes being able to hyperlink texts and pictures, date and copyright the website, inserts libraries, and insert photographs. Some of these skills I had to use include improvising, manipulating and navigating Flash and Dreamweaver, showing proper research skills, showing how to write properly, and how to cite the work of others. This task would have no possible way of being completed had it not been for these skills. In order to properly construct a website, the absence of just one of these skills will result in a poor grade and showing.
For my common task, I had to first choose a topic to construct a website on. I wanted to create a website of something of value to me, such as the trumpet. Secondly, we had to navigate through and create a flash using Flash. After having four classes to complete an appropriate flash, I had to switch over to Dreamweaver to construct a website. However, before completing the website, I had to show a chart, planning out my website. This is also called the step of website development. In this plan, I had to say what each page will link to, what each page is for, the target audience of my website, and the layout of where the information is going to be. Finally, I was able to begin my website. I first wanted to create an index page or homepage and slowly advance in the completion of the pages of my website. After the website was completed I had to construct a works cited page and a reflection. During this task, I encountered multiple obstacles. Such obstacles include having trouble inserting my flash into my website, finding proper information about the trumpet, writing efficient sentences and paragraphs in my own words, and finally, making sure all the information put on my website is accurate. In order to complete my website, I had to find a way around these obstacles.  The main reason I got around these obstacles was because I would just fool around with the Adobe software, it is as simple as that. Due to the completion of this task, I know now how to use both Dreamweaver and Flash to create web designs and websites. I can hyperlink to links outside the website I create, I am able to plan a website out and complete it proficiently. All these skills have bettered me in the field of web design, for I feel that when I leave this class I have the basic knowledge for me to go out and possibly making a living off a web designing career.
This task as advanced me as a student in technological skill level. I am confident that I have the proper skills of time management, patience, construction of an animation and website, to get a job in the designing career. I anticipate using these skills when working on projects or presentations for other classes in the school years to come. It has also helped me as an individual because by being able to work alone on this project I practiced working independently and solving my own problems instead of asking for help. This made me think more in-depth and logically and allowed me to discover new ways to get around problems that I come across when constructing a Website. With these skills I can use my new knowledge of technology to create power points or projects involving technology. Having this knowledge will allow me to create projects that will interest listeners but at the same time give accurate and fun information.  So, next time you go onto a website, reflect on how long and how much effort was put into the design and construction of it, before you back out of it because it doesn’t seem appealing to you

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