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Steven Walsh

Mr. Herz


17 January 2012

Creating A Website

Have you ever tried to create a website all by yourself? Well, it's not as easy as it seems. For this task, we had to create a full eight page website complete with pictures and a flash. We needed to spend at least four classes on the flash, and have at least five other pages besides the home page, reflection, and works cited. To complete this task, we needed to know basic computer skills like how to maneuver around Dreamweaver, various internet sites, and Flash Animation. These skills were very important and helped me figure out how to write with the right format and finish the website on-time.

For this website, I followed a pattern and process to help me finish it on-time. First, I found pineapples online, and spelled the word PSYCH on them while making them move around. I then changed the color of the background of all eight pages and fixed the font on each page. Next, I went to the original website for PSYCH on The information on this website helped me complete most of my web pages. After that, I wrote a summary for the home page, found a picture. Then I cited all the information i used on the website and started writing my reflection. Some obstacles i encountered during this process were changing the font/color of each page, citing the pictures, and finding relative information to fit my website. This task really helped me understand that it isn't easy building and maintaining a website, and now i know what is needed to help me complete the mid-term more efficiently.

This task has helped me grow as a student greatly. I know now that I should use better time management when completing any and all tasks. Now, whenever I complete a important task, I will work harder andtry to keep on-task. These skills I learned will help me on future projects when I need to stay on task or properly use time management.