Hunting with Scoped Rifles


Camouflage, french for "blind or veil," is possibly one of the most important aspects for a good hunt. Without proper camouflage a hunter may possibly be detected by the prey. Camouflage helps to break up a hunters outline so that your prey will never have known you were there. The right camouflage for your environment is key for if your camouflage doesn't match your surroundings, then you can easily be spotted and your prey will get away. There are new types of camouflage using scent technology to further enhance your hunting capabilities, although they do come at a price. I also recommend using waterproof camouflage to help you endure some of the elements mothe nature throws at you. I also want to say that it is required in some areas that you wear a bright orange vest to avoid the risk of another hunter mistaking you for an animal. Whatever it is you decide, make sure that you are equipped with the best camouflage to blend in with your surroundings. An example of a basic camouflage is the background of this website.


Types of Camouflage:



6 Color Desert


Hunting with Scoped Rifles