Hunting with Scoped Rifles


Hunting gear is one essential part of hunting that is commonly overlooked. Proper gear can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful hunt. Below this text are some examples of hunting gear.

  • The first image shows some of Cabela's x6 Shooting Gloves which allow you to hunting during cold conditions while continuing to be hidden by camouflage.-$29.99



  • The second image shown is an example of Cabela's Leafy Versamask which allows the hunter to camouflage his face with a leaf-like material and also have decent insulation at the same time. - (On sale) $20.00



  • The third image is an example of Cabela's Targetmaster II Shooting Vest (1/2 Vest). This allows you to carry several different items possibly including safety gear, ammunition, extra equipment to go on your gun and much more. $39.99-$44.99


  • The fourth and final image depicts an orange vest that I mentioned previously in the camouflage section which helps other hunters differenciate hunter from prey. $14.99-$19.99


Examples of where you could purchase hunting gear like stated above can be found at the external link labeled "Other Helpful Cites" on the Homepage. When you decide which hunting gear website to go to click on the "Go" button.
Hunting with Scoped Rifles