Hunting with Scoped Rifles


Technology has vastly improved over the past few decades in the world of hunting. Technology like night vision sensing has brought the world of hunting with scoped rifles to the next level. An example of what an image, in this case a human, may look like through a thermal scope is beside the title. A way to view your prey during the night time is by using night vision. Night vision displays the image in green and does this in two different ways. The first way is by using image enhancement. Here, the night vision scope uses the tiny amounts of light including the lower portion of the infrared spectrum and amplifies it to the point where we can easily view the image. The second way is by using thermal imaging. This can be very helpful in situations where it is night time and there is brush obstructing the view. Thermal scopes see past these and only pick up the heat signatures of the prey and so it easily overlooks non living objects such as bushes. One more helpful tool I will mention is a night vision camera that you can leave for possibly over one month to examine an area during the night. This can be helpful to determine whether or not this area would be good to hunt in. Overall, there are many new technologies revolutionizing the way we hunt today.

Image Enhancement

Thermal Imaging

Night Vision Camera

Hunting with Scoped Rifles