History Of Skateboarding
Skateboarding was probably born sometime in the late 1940's or early 1950's when surfers in california got the idea of trying to surf the streets when the waves were flat. The creator of the first skateboard is unknown. However several pepole have claimed to have created the first skateboard, but nothing can be proved. The first skateboards started with wooden boxes or planks with roller skate wheels attached to the bottom. Eventually skateboarding companies started sprouting up and producing skateboards that consisted of pressed layers of maple wood. In 1963 skateboardings popularity reached its peak and skateboard companies such as jacks hobie and makaha started holding competitions. Unfortunately its popularity was short lived, in 1965 skateboardings popularity suddenly crashed causing skateboard companies to close. Therefore thoose who wanted to skate were forced to make there own boards from scratch again, which proved to be very dangerous. In 1972, frank Nasworthy invented urethane skateboard wheels and skateboarding regained its popularity ones again. In 1978, a man named Allan Gilfand created a manuver called (the Ollie) where he would slam his back foot down on the tail of his board and jump, thereby popping himself and the board into the air. This trick basically opend the flood gates of modern day street skating.
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