Skate Parks In The Area

History Of Skateboarding
Parts Of A Skateboard
Basic Trick Giude
Health Benifits Of Skateboarding
Selecting A Skateboard

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Hello, my name is Sam Lessmann and I have been skateboarding since I was about eight years old. Which is why I choose to use it as the topic of my website. The purpose of this website is to educate pepole of all ages about the in's and outs of skateboarding. For this task i needed to create a website about somthing of interest to me such as a hobby, career, or sport. While keeping in mind that it needed to include the following features. A home page with an introduction, at least five additional pages, a reflection page, and a work cited page. It also needed to include a flash animation either on the index page or listed on the global navigational bar. A title on top of the web browser for each of the pages. A global navigational bar on each of the pages, at least two external links. And at least four objects. In order to complete this task i needed to be able to use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 as well as Adobe Flash Professional CS5. While completing this task i demonstrated many important skills. Forexample, the ability to communicate effectively using, written, oral, and technological formats. As well as proficiency in the use of technology, solving skills, and software. With out these skills i would not have been able to create a flash animation or the website in general.

To complete this task i used my knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to create a website with 7 pages as well as a global navigational bar on each of the pages and links to the sources i used to aquire the information about my topic. Then using my knowledge of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 i created a flash animation and inserted it on my website. During the process of completing this task i encountered many issues when it came to getting my flash animation to work properly. In an attempt to counteract these issues i asked my teacher as well as my peers for assistance. This task helped me to better understand Web Design by showing me the process as well as the skills needed to create a properly functioning website.

The completion of this task has helped me greatly as a student. It has taught me the importance of being a independent learner or someone who takes responsibility for there acedemic career and does not wait for teachers to come to them when there is an issue at hand. It has also helped me to biuld upon my ability to communicate effectively using written, oral and technological formats as well as my proficiency in the use of technology, solving skills and software. I anticipate using the skills i have acquiered during the completion of this task in the future when i need to use certain technology systems and or software programs for my future profession or assignments during the course of my highschool career.