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Vivian Maier was an American of Austro-Hungarian and French ethnicity who moved back and forth from the United States to France throughout the 20th century. Although Maier went unnoticed by many in the time she was alive from February 1, 1929 to her death on April 21, 2009, she is now receiving her fame for changing the art world with her incredible street photographs. Since Maier was an extremely closed person who didn’t enjoy talking about herself, not much is known about her interesting life. However, historians are aware of several parts of Maier’s history.

While in Chicago, Maier was a live-in nanny for a family.  Her strict and secretive personality didn’t allow the kids she babysat to get to know her very well. However, in the early 21st century, the children she babysat, now grown-up, paid for an apartment for Maier because she was completely broke. Throughout her time as a nanny she enjoyed photography in her leisure- though she never revealed her photographs to anyone and barely ever got her film developed.