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Ally Bush
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
14 January 2014
Learning Reflection
I learned a great deal of information about the topic of my website, Vivian Maier, a photographer, and about website construction through completing this common task. The object of this task was to use background knowledge about building websites to build one of our own. I was able to choose my own topic and conduct enough research to make a detailed and intriguing website introducing the reader to my topic. More specifically, the requirements of the task included managing a site in Dreamweaver, computer software for constructing websites, creating tables, inserting objects, creating internal and external hyperlinks, and creating a flash animation. All of the lessons in Web Graphics and Design taught by Mr. Herz aided me in completing this common task. For example, chapter 3 taught me the basics of Dreamweaver; such as how to create tables. In addition to the skills I had already acquired prior to the task, I built upon many of the skills during the common task. To further explain, I became more familiar with creating internal and external hyperlinks on Dreamweaver. My newly improved skill of creating internal and external links proved helpful in this common task because I needed to create links between each webpage and link the majority of the pictures I included on my website to the website in which I found them. The process of creating my website began when I developed a map of the web pages I wanted to include, identified my target audience, and acknowledged the purpose of my website. Then, I conducted research on my topic and began to assemble my website on Dreamweaver. One of the obstacles I came across while completing my website was uploading a video to my website. I soon learned that, in order to upload a YouTube video to Dreamweaver, I needed to download the video with software that the school computers are not equipped with. Although this obstacle seemed tedious, I solved it by uploading an image of the video to my website and linking the image to the YouTube video. All in all, this task helped me to understand web design better in many ways. In further explanation, being able to construct a website of my own, forced me to face many of the problems that real website professionals face on a daily basis. By being faced with these problems, such as not being able to upload a video, and decisions, such as not being sure which color to make your web page, I reached a better understanding of web design. Due to the different software that I used to create my website, this common task has helped me, as a student, to practice responsible use of technology systems, information, and software. In the future, this skill will help me because I will be more accustomed to different computer software and more familiar with the different aspects of each of the software. In conclusion, I learned loads of information pertaining to technology and software that will help me in the future.