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Want to try out for a team, improve your skills, or learn how to play? Here are some suggestions on practicing:

  • Get a friend, family member, or softball player to play catch with you! Although it may seem boring, catch is a simple way to work on your skills. You don't have to just throw the ball back and forth, either. You can ask them to throw you a pop-fly or a grounder, or even to set their glove hand to a certain position to help your aim be more accurate!
  • Talk to somebody who coaches or plays softball about batting. They can help you with your batting stance and performance
  • Go to a batting cage or have somebody operate a pitching machine for you, if accessible
  • Run! Even though long distance running is not always needed for softball, speed is very important. Go on a treadmile, join the cross-country team, or run in your neighborhood
  • Take a lesson! There are plenty of lessons offered to help you improve your skills, including batting clinics and pitching clinics
  • Play wiffleball in your backyard. Wiffleball is not the same as softball, but it can certainly help you practice your swing when you don't have enough room
  • BE CREATIVE! Come up with some activity or fun game that can improve your skills. For example, games such as quiet ball can help improve your catching skills because you have to catch the ball frequently. Often times in this game people will use "snake eyes" to trick you, and make you think you are not getting the ball thrown to you. By their use of snake eyes and fooling you, you will be able to practice your reaction time