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Answer B
Answer C
1. What is the name of the positon between second and third base?
Left Field
2. How many balls does a pitcher have to throw in order to walk the batter?
3. A batter can steal whenever they want.
They can never steal
4. What are designated batters?
People who bat in place of another player because they are better
People who are only allowed to bat because of an illness
Players who bat in place of the catcher or pitcher
5. How many people are required to play a game on one team?
6. Besides hitting and scoring, what are some other ways runs can be earned?
Both A and B
7. What is a person on base supposed to do if their teammate hits a popfly?
Walk to the next base

Adavnce forward slightly: go back to original base if caught, if missed go to the next base

The runner is out because this situation is not allowed to happen; only grounders can be hit
8. What are grounders?
Balls hit in the air
Balls that, once hit, roll on the ground
A type of pitch
9. A mandatory type of equipment while batting is:
Batting gloves
Gum to distract the pitcher
A helmet
10. What determines what team bats first?
The away team bats first
The home team bats first
A coin is flipped; whoever wins the coin toss gets to decide who bats first

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