Jessie McLeod

Mr. Herz

Web Design

14 January 2014

Creating a Website

In this task, I was required to create a website about any topic, with a minimum of eight pages, including a reflection page and a works cited page. The topic I chose for my website was softball. Every picture I used in my website had to be linked to the website I obtained the picture from. In addition, I had to incorporate a flash animation into my website. In order to understand the content and effectively and proficiently create a website, I had to learn about dreamweaver. In dreamweaver, it was essential for me to know how to create hyperlinks, change the style of each page and text, and build upon each page. Once I learned about dreamweaver, I was assessed on it. Although knowledge is crucial to my performance in this task, it is also important for me to have specific skills, such as organization, to do well. In completing this task, I built upon several skills. For example, I was able to use my time more wisely and effectively, which is a beneficial skill in numerous aspects of life. For this task, it allowed me to finish my website in a timely matter. Another skill I improved was my use of hyperlinks. In order to connect all of the pages on my website together, I had to use hyperlinks frequently; therefore I had more practice.In creating the website, I used several steps and guidelines to finalize it on time. The first step I had was to make a list of all of the pages I was going to create and how the pages would be connected to each other. Next, I created and named every page I was going to use. In the home page, I made hyperlinks to the pages, and on the pages, I made hyperlinks to the home page or other related pages. Once all my hyperlinks were made, I typed the information I wanted to include on each page. In doing so, I could be done with the overall structure of the website, and then focus on adding pictures and designing it more thoroughly. I then proceeded to add pictures onto the page, linked them to the website they came from, and created a works cited page for these pictures. One of the pages I included was a quiz page, so the reader can better test their knowledge. I did this by asking ten multiple choice questions, and linked every wrong answer to a “wrong” page, and every correct answer to a “correct” page. Both the “wrong” and “correct” page had hyperlinks to go back to the quiz. Finally, I made a flash animation of a softball player hitting the ball the pitcher throws at them. During the process, I encountered various problems, including lack of time, hyperlinks not working, and my flash animation looking unrealistic. I fixed the hyperlinks by updating every page and checking to see if they were linked to the correct page. I ensured they worked when I went online to look at my website and tested every hyperlink. I fixed my flash animation by redrawing the layer for the arms of the batter, which made it look more realistic when the batter swung the bat. Finally, I overcame my issue with time by learning to consistantly keep track of how much time I had and by planning when I should be done with certain aspects of my website. This task helped me to understand web design because it caused me to confront any problems that could occur in the process of creating a website, and learn the necessity of keeping information organized. This task has helped me as a student because it helped me to effectively manage my time and organize details, which are key skills for any academic subject. In the future, I plan on using these skills to have more organized work that is completed in a timely matter.