While completing this project, I learned many valuable things that will help me in life.  The class and I had to create a website that was up to eight pages.  We had to pick a topic and then find a lot of research on it.  My project was based on the history of surfing.  My five main pages were the beginning of the surfing era, how surfing grew, the hold up in surfing, surfing today, surfboards overtime, and a timeline of surfing history.  We then had to make a flash animation representing what our topic was.  My flash was a man surfing.  The reason I chose this topic was because I have grown up with surfing.  I knew many facts about surfing today, but I wanting to know its history.  Throughout completing this common task I now know how to make a website. If I ever have a job where I need to create a website for the business, I will now know how to do it.  I also learned how to create a flash animation.  I do not know if the career I chose will need to know how to make a flash, but it is always helpful to know.  Things that helped complete this project were all the activities we did before.  Learning how to create a flash really helped me because I would have been stuck the whole time trying to create one.  Something else that helped me was knowing how to link.  Part of the project consisted of everything having to link.  After completing this project, I learned many valuable things that could help me later in life with careers.    


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