Global Influence

The Bob Marley global influence remains largely unparalleled. Bob Marley’s revolutionary yet unifying music challenging colonialism and racism has had profound effects even in countries where English is not widely spoken. In August 2008, two musicians from the war scarred countries of Serbia and Croatia unveiled a statue of Bob Marley during a rock music festival in Serbia as a tribute to his "freedom fighting:" legacy. In Koh Lipe, Thailand, Bob Marley’s birthday is celebrated for three days with a cultural festival. In New Zealand, Bob's life and music are now fundamental components of Waitangi Day. Waitangi Day(February 6) is a celebration of the unifying treaty signed between the country’s European settlers and its indigenous Maori population. Yet another example of Bob's global influence could be when Zimbabwea was fighting for their independence in 1980. For the Zimbabwean freedom fighters that listened to Bob Marley, inspiration and strength were drawn from his empowering lyrics. Marley penned a tribute to their efforts, “Zimbabwe”, which was included on the most overtly political album of his career, 1979′s “Survival” and he was invited to headline their official liberation celebrations. These few examples are just a fraction of his global influence and even though he has passed, he lives on.