Jared Field

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

8 January 2014

Web Site Creation Common Task Reflection

Have you ever had to create a web site from scratch? For this particular assignment, we had to do just that. In order to complete this task, I had to create a website using the adobe dreamweaver software. Prior to completing this task, I completed several packets and took a number of tests to familiarize myself with html coding and all of the components that are included in creating your own website. In addition to these packets and tests, I had to create several practice websites using the adobe dreamweaver software as practice. Finally, I had to map out my website using an outline so that I would have a plan to follow when creating my actual website. In order to complete this task I had to rely heavily on my knowledge of the adobe dreamweaver software and also my knowledge of html coding. In doing this task, I demonstrated my ability to create a website using adobe dreamweaver software and through the course of the task I built upon my ability to do so through trial and error. My ability to use this software was crucial to the task as I would have not been able to complete the task without it.

In order to complete this task, I first had to create an outline for my website which included what my global and local navigation bar would look like, who my target audience for my website would be, what components would be included within the website, and what information I would include on my website.  Next, I had to convert this information into a flowchart to visually map out the structure of my website. After doing this, I went into adobe dreamweaver and created a new html document for each page of my website. I then linked each of these pages together to create my actual website.  Next, I wrote information and put pictures on each respective page. Finally, I made a flash animation using adobe flash software to include on my website. Once I completed my flash animation, I put it into my website, thus completing my website. During the process of creating my website, I ran into a few obstacles. One of which was figuring out how to make certain fonts different colors and how to align text where I wanted it. Another problem I encountered was coming up with an idea for my flash animation as the subject of my website did not warrant me with much creativity for my flash. I solved my font troubles by simple trial and error and I eventually solved the problem of coming up with an idea for my flash animation by looking around the internet for inspiration. After completing this task, I can now look back and truly say that I have a basic understanding of web design. This task has provided me with the basis of knowledge necessary to understand not only html coding but also all of the necessary components of a website which are the two foundations of web design.

The completion of this task has helped me as a student in various ways. One of which is that I am now a better problem solver. Although I had reasonable ability to operate the adobe dreamweaver software, I often struggled to do things I wished to do. However, using my problem solving skills, I was able to trouble shoot and often find a solution to my problem. Furthermore, I think I am more technologically sound as a result of this task seeing as though I know a lot more about websites and html coding. I anticipate using the skills I learned as a result of completing this task in the future when problem solving or if I were to make a website in the future.