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Katelyn Goglia
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
14 January 2014

Creating a Website

Before completing this common task, I never would have expected that I would make a website on something I love to do so much as playing tennis.  After completing the task however, I feel as though it was a very good learning experience that was also rather enjoyable.  For this task, I had to create a website about anything I wanted on Adobe Dreamweaver, and include an Adobe Flash animation that I created myself relating to my website’s content.  I chose to create my website about tennis because it’s a sport that I enjoy to play, and has lots of information that I could include and teach the site’s viewers about.  In order to learn the necessary aspects needed to create this website, I first spent the entire semester in Web Graphics and Design learning how to use HTML, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash.  After getting a basic understanding of these, I was able to comfortably create my own website.  I also completed an “Hour of Code” tutorial about JavaScript that helped me gain more knowledge of what I was doing.  As for learning the content I needed to know about tennis, I already had background knowledge of most of the sport because I have been playing it for over seven years, but to get some clarification and new information, I did research on various sites on the Internet.  While completing the task, I applied all of the skills I gained particularly in Dreamweaver and Flash, but also some in HTML.  These skills were very important because otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to use the software needed to create the website and Flash animation.

In order to complete the project, I chose my topic and then created an outline of what all my pages would be and what I would include on them.  I next moved on to creating the different pages on the actual website, and making a navigation bar to get to them.  I had to have at least 5 pages, excluding the works cited and reflection.  I then did some research and entered in the content on my webpages, adding pictures and citations.  Next, I finalized my works cited, and now created my reflection.  There weren’t many obstacles that I encountered during the process, but the main one was probably time.  We had around six classes to complete the assignment, and at first I thought the time was going well, but on the last main day we had to work, I had to really rush to finish.  In order to fix this problem, I did some parts I could at home, like creating the reflection.  This project helped me understand Web Design, because it showed me how websites and animations are actually made, and how professionals create them.  It allowed me to see the behind-the-scenes work of how any website or animation I might look at could be made. 

The completion of this task has helped me as a student because it has aided me in developing summarizing and explanation skills, like when writing my content on my webpages.  It also has given me skills in making websites and animations that I could maybe use in school projects later on.  Other ways I could use these skills in the future are to create projects later on in life, or maybe even getting a job involving them someday.  I could use the knowledge I learned about tennis to help improve my game, and help others understand it more.  Overall, the Creating a Website Common Task for Web Graphics and Design was very beneficial, as it helped me learn many new skills that I can use in the future.