MiKe Kzrzyzewski Era


Mike Kzrzyzewski has been the head coach at Duke since 1980. He has acheived many accomplishments throughout his years at Duke including:

-4 National Championships
-11 Final Fours
-21 Sweet Sixteens
-29 NCAA tournament berths
-81 NCCA tournament wins(most ever)
-12 Number 1 seeds-25 Conference titles
-12 30-win seasons
-29 20-win seasons
-Number 1 AP ranking in 17 of last 28 seasons
-9 Naismith College Player of the Year Awards
-9 National Defensive Players of the Yaer Awards
-26 AP All-Americans
-11 NBA top-10 picks
-23 NBA Draft first round picks
-956 Career wins (most wins by a coach in Mens' Divison 1 basketbal as of 3/26/2013)