Kyle Pereira

Mr. Herz

Web Design

January 14, 2014

                          Duke Basketball Website 

During web graphics class, I was given a task to create a website on any topic i wanted and because of my love of basketball, I decided to make a website on th 2013-2014 Duke Men's Basketball team. In classes before we learned how to use all the materials we needed including extra materials, such as hyperlinking, and putting animations and picture into it. I learned that the skills i learned during this task on the computer will be very important down the road in life.

To complete my task, I went on many websites to look up information and get pictures to put use. Although it went well, their were sometimes when i got frustrated because not everything worked the first time but overall it when i came to a problem, with the help of my friends and teachers, I came to fix it. In conclusion, this website help me understand how computers work and how to create a website when I need to further on in life.