Mariana Sanchez
Mr. Herz
Creating a Website
24 January 2014
Wed Design Reflection
When I first started the class I didn’t thought that web design was something that I would never be able to complete, but I finish the last task in the course I found that I had the ability to complete the task. For the final task we had to create a website on a topic that we chose and complete a flash to include in the website. The topic that I chose was a cooking website. For the task had to use my background knowledge in cooking because I had to separate the recipes into different countries. Throughout the task I acquired many skills like learning to use the Dreamweaver and Adobe flash.
As I complete the task and I look back on everything I had to do to complete the task I released that the steps to complete the task were many. First I had to created and outline explaining each and on the contents of the page. Then I had to choose create my flash. After my outline was ready I had to start designing page by page. The last step was to create a web cited and link all the pictures. I had some troubles when it comes to my pictures because some didn’t show up when my website was published. This task helped me under the time and hard work that goes into designing a website.
The completion of this task has helped me as a student because I was able to pass the course and learned skills that I have been wanting to learn. I am the type of person that likes to also be working on a project. Learning the skills to create a website will help me in the future if I want to start my own website to post my recipes.