Most common cats any

When picking out cats there is many things to consider, and it might not be so easy deciding which kind you want. There are over 70 cat breeds but the following list includes the most popular types of cats and why.

Exoctic: These cats are loving like people and only a need brushing every two weeks.

Siamese: Siamese like to "chat" with their owners because they meow a lot. This is also a sleek cat who is very athletic.

Abyssinian: They are active very playful and friendly

Ragdoll:These cats are very small and should be kept inside because they probably couldnt defend themselves they wiegh 10-12 pounds

Birmen: They are known to come to you when you call and to greet you at the door like a dog would, they're dog-like cats.

American short hair:They were bred from hunting and are exellent hunters have a good heart but keep quiet.

Oriental:These are much like the siamese but quieter

Sphynx: This breed climbs anything and is lively and athletic

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