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Cassidy Robinson
Web Design
6 January 2016

Creating a Website

During this common task I created a website on my favorite animals: cats. I were to create a website based on what I take interest in and what I know and can research about. I created hyperlinks and inserted pictures to make the website better. Throughout the semester we have had much practice with Dreamweaver and how to insert information into the site. I also had prior experience with naming the websites and saving them. During the task I also acquired many new skills. For example, page properties helped me change font, create the size of the layout. To add, inserting a table was a huge part of my website because it was the basis of where all my information would go. These skills are very important because, in the future if I wanted or needed to make another website I would already have prior skills to apply. They also helped make the process of creating the website easier. The process which I just mentioned was to first, create the table size and how many rows and columns I needed in it. Then use the page properties which determines what color I needed for the back drop of each slide and also the font/headings. I did come across some obstacles though, when creating the table it was very difficult to size each row and column, and also the font size would change the size of the rows and columns as well. To fix these errors I asked the teacher for help to make sure it would work for every page I had. Overall this task "Creating a Website" does help me have a better understanding of Web Graphics and Design. It also appeared to make the class easier once I knew exactly what I was doing and what the goals of the class was. So during web design I now know how to efficiently create a website.

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