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Chris Edwards

Mr. Herz

Web Design

January 8 2016

In web graphics and design class we learned how to code and use website and animation making softwares. The Common task was to make a website using Dreamweaver and include a animation made using Flash. To learn background for this task we had to do lots of mini projects coding websites from templates which all led up to this task where we had to make the template ourselves. I learned how to code a website using dreamweaver and make a animation using flash.These skills were very important saying they were the main feature in this task. To make the website I had to pick a topic then make a template. I then selected pictures and wrote paragraphs for my different sections, then I made the animation and put it on the website. Some obstacles that i had to encounter were picking the topic, writing the paragraphs. This task did not help me understand Web Design. This task helped me as a student because It gave me a good grade which made me pass this class. I anticipate using the skills in the future by making a website.
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