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Erin McGreevy
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
21 December 2015

Learning Reflection

Epilepsy; maybe it’s a new concept to you, maybe you know a little about it, or maybe you know all about it. Either way, for this common task of creating a website, I selected Epilepsy as the topic to discuss throughout the website. For this task, I was required to make a website from scratch, using the program Dreamweaver, about any topic of my choice, also having to include at least four pictures, one flash animation, and eight different tabs. We were allowed roughly nine classes to complete this task. To perform this task, I was taught how to learn the Dreamweaver program, and its tools, and how to create a Flash animation with 250 frames and a motion tween. I learned how to do this over the course of multiple classes. By doing this task, I demonstrated the skills I have learned throughout the year, or semester, all leading up to complete this final task. Also, I was able to build upon and strengthen the skills I learned throughout the year by creating this website; I could perform the techniques and practiced them. All of these skills are really important because without learning how to use Dreamweaver or Flash, then I would not have been able to make the website and complete the task. On top of all the smaller, more in-depth techniques I learned very early on in the year using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 guidebook. To complete this website, I opened Dreamweaver and inserted a table, and added the text/tabs on the side and made all the webpages to link the tabs to. Then, I began to fill in the information in about the main topics of the webpages. As I was doing that, I inserted pictures along the way and created my works cited page. I recently finished and wrapped everything up with the finishing touches. A challenge I encountered was actually thinking of a topic to create the website on, but I shortly finally concluded with Epilepsy because a relative of mine has one. Also, my Flash animation wouldn’t insert, but I figured out how to properly insert it by using the File tab in the program at the top. This task helped me understand Web Design better because it allowed me to learn the aspects of creating a website and what is needed to make one efficiently, neatly, and properly. Also, this task helped me understand Web Design better by teaching me the skills needed to develop a website and basically using all the techniques from the whole year into one project. Finally, the completion of this task has helped me as a student because it thought me all about new skills in creating a website, flash animations, and much more outside of Web Design. I had to be organized and use timing skills to complete this task in the given amount of time allowed. This greatly helped me because then I applied these skills to my other work in other subjects. I anticipate using the skills, and content, in the future if I ever need to create a website for a business or job (if I get into a business career), or if I ever need to develop an animation for a project of some sort in school at any given time; now I will be able to perform all of these skills thanks to this helpful course.


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