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Grace McGrady

Mr. Herz

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22 January 2016

Website Common Task Reflection

During this assignment, our goal was to create an accurate and complete website on the

subject of our choice. The topic I had decided to research and develop my website on was our Solar System and different aspects of it. I used 8 pages to organize the research and information I had collected. The Solar System, inner planets, outer planets, gravity and inertia, orbits and affects, the Sun, my work cited, and reflection each had an individual page that explained their details and importance. Each page was linked to each other in the sidebar making it smoother to transition back and forth through the individually focused information. I reviewed and attempted using each link to ensure they were fully up and functioning. As I worked on adding research to each page, I had to add pictures and keep my work cited also. To cite the pictures I linked them to their original websites. I also used a site called to help create the citations of the websites I was using to complete my work. However, when constructing this website I encountered many struggles throughout the process. For example, when linking my pictures I had multiple issues and had to delete, copy, and repaste the image and reset the link. Another large issue I had was with saving each website. Many different items would remain unsaved and I struggled with repeatedly rewriting things on most pages. The completion of this task helped me as a student to overcome difficulties and misunderstandings I was having to complete and finalize my website. Overall, creating this website has helped me grow and expand my knowledge on Dreamweaver, flash animations, and linking data all together.
The Sun
Inner Planets
Outer Planets
Orbits & Affects
Work Cited