Marianas Trench

About the Band


For this common taask, I had to create a website about something that interests me, and I chose to make it about the Band Marinas Trench.

In Web Graphics, we sent the entire course wporking towards building our websites. We would be assigned tasks to complete and then take tests on the skills we learned in those tasks.

I learned how to create websites on a program called Dream Weaver and make animations on Adobe Flash. The skills I learned in the course were important to the task because without them

I would never have completed the task by its due date. To complete this website, I had to construct the template, plug in all of my information, find pictures, and cite everything.

During the task, I had trouble getting the template exactloy how I wanted it, and had some trouble citing my sources.

I would trouble shoot any errors by opening my website pages on Internet Explore, and using what it looked like on Internet Explore to figure out what I needed to fix.

This task helped me understand that web design is not very easy if you do not know what you are doing, and that it takes time and practice to learn how to design things for the internet.

Completing this task helpled me with time managment because if I did not manage my time wisely while making my website, I would not finish the task.

I will use my new;ly improved time managment skills to help me plan future projects in school and out of school. This task was difficulty at first, but as I worked on it the prohject became easier.



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