John Myers

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

8 January 2015

Common Task Reflection

Throughout this common task I was challenged with the task of creating a dreamweaver website about the topic of my choice. Also, I had to create flash animation to my website. The topic I choose was best college wrestling teams, which I divided into D-1,2,3 teams, NCAA champs, and history. The part that I found most challenging was creating the flash animation because it required a set of skills and it was time consuming. The part that I applied my previous skills to best was creating the idea of my dreamweaver and finding my information online because I have done that in the past. One skill that I acquired from this common task is how to combine a flash and dreamweaver. Also, I learned how to use my time efficiently to get each task done which will help me alot in the future on different tasks. That is what I did during this common task and what I learned from it.

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