I had to create a website for my web graphics and design class. Choosing the topic for my website was easy because I like the Ramones music and I wanted to learn more about them, so I chose to do the band, the Ramones. After choosing my topic, I created a website plan for all of the pages, and then created a template from scratch in dreamweaver. Everything I learned about using flash and dreamweaver throughout the semester helped me to complete this task. When creating this website, I showed my knowledge of coding, too. I also learned how to add music to my website. It was difficult to complete the things I did not know how to do, such as adding music, but I eventually got it all done. My method was to create all of the pages and finish the links and pictures before adding the information. It really helped me to write down the websites I used in my works cited along the way so I did not have to search for them later. When I was about halfway through finishing the information for my websites, I decided it was a good time to start working on my flash animation. This was relatively easy because I knew how to work flash. This task helped me understand web design better because I used the code more in this website. For example, I embedded an external style sheet. Overall, finishing this task helped me understand the creation of websites, animations, and coding. Having this knowledge will help me in the future when using computers.





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