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Bathing Suit Sizes Vary from size-









*For both male and femal sizes. 22 being the smallest, 36 is the largest.


There are multiple different types of swim wear, you can choose from. As a compeitive swimmer you wear practice suits, in-season race suits, championship racing suits, and training bakini's for less stress on shoulder.

The Practice suits is the most common-Usually a comfortable size, and easily accesible for the movement needed to practice in.

The championship suits is used during your end of the year Championship, and usually more in price because of the nice material-When buying a championship suit for a big meet, you should probably go down a few sizes to make sure it is tight, therfore less water will get in.

Lastyly, the training bakini, is used primarily in open water swimming and also the tops are put on while wearing a competition championship suit, you take the straps off of the tight suits and put on the training bakini top to have less stress on your shoulders .


Swimming Caps and Goggles are also assentials for being able to swim compeitively.