Michaela Eileen Degnan
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics & Design
14 January 2015
Swimming Website Reflection

In my web graphics & design class, my peers and I were assigned a project to create our own website on the topic of our choice. I chose the topic of swimming to create my website on. This was a whole semester long process. Not this particular assignment itself but to familiarize ourselves with the software we were using took the whole semester. We used Dreamweaver, flash, and word to complete this task. Microsoft Word was used to create an outlined planned of our website. The application flash was used to create a gif, or moving picture to upload onto our website. And finally, Dreamweaver was what we used to actually put together our website. While doing this task, we learned the different options of templates for creating a website, and how to link websites together and create a useful flash that works. Some skills I acquired while making this website and completing this task were now I can make a website using Dreamweaver and be confident with the outcome.

The importance of the skills I have acquired while completing this task is that now i know how to make a website like I have stated before, maybe someday i will go into the field of making websites and getting paid for it as well, I could turn this into a career opportunity. First what I did to make this website was a created a Dreamweaver site, then i made eight pages and made each page devoted to a certain subject, for example one of my pages is devoted to the qualifying time standards of national meets for swimming. The difficult part of this task is that im cutting it very close to finish this task the bell is about to ring in about five minutes now and im panicking to finish in time. Troubleshooting wasn’t that hard buckled down and focused on completing the task at hand. This task helped me understand Web Design immensely because I know how websites are made now, as well as the different components that go into making a website. This task helped me a lot as a student it made me realize that in order to get my work done I need to just focus. To be honest i will never use these skills I have acquired in the future.

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