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Ice cream is a treat enjoyed by many and has a long history which now has many variations and can be found almost anywhere now. In this common task, I was able to create a Dreamweaver website from scratch and incorporate links, a flash animation, and information based on a topic of my choice. All year, our class has been creating practice tasks in preparation for this task by creating flash animations in the program Adobe Flash Professional CS5, and also using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 by creating other practice websites. The book titled A Guide to Web Development Using Dreamweaver has really helped me along this project, allowing me to go back and see how to complete a specific part of the website. For almost the whole quarter we have been working towards this project. By doing this task, I acquired tons of new skills. Before taking this class I had no idea about website design and the of websites structure what so ever. Because of the skills I have gained from this course, I know how important it is to be precise when doing anything involving a computer, especially creating a website. For example, you can have no errors in your code or links because that can make your whole website go downhill. To begin the process of this project, I created a website plan using Microsoft Word. Here, I planned what each page was going to include such as words and pictures, and how many tabs my websites would have. Once, I had finally completed my plan, I began creating my site on Dreamweaver. On Dreamweaver I created my own template, using the table tool, and used the same template for each page. As I moved along, I began adding more aspects to my website such as pictures and words. Once all of that was completed, I changed the background color and then linked all of my pages onto my sidebar. In all honestly, the largest obstacle I faced was trying to change the background color and text size. I later found that all of those changes could be controlled in the “Page Properties…” button in the properties bar at the bottom of the screen. In the beginning of the course, it was very difficult for me to understand web design, but as of now, I can grasp the concept better. Using Dreamweaver to create websites was far easier to understand as opposed to creating my own website using code. After completing this, I now understand all the aspects of a website and how complicated it really is. By doing this task, it has expanded my knowledge even greater as a student. Additionally, it will allow me to assist my peers in their computer issues. I anticipate using these skills and content in the future if I need to create a website for a job, business, or school related task.

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