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Home Page This year in Web Graphic and Design we were tasked with creating a website using Adobe Dreamweaver. The task was that we had to choose a topic, create a template for our website, and add content based on the topic we chose. I used my backround knowledge to pick my topic which is Disney World and I needed to know the basic skills it took to operate and utilize dreamweaver. There was a very big importance for these skills because without an understanding of dreamweaver or how to type code there would be no way to figure out how to do this project. The process I used to complete this task were, I had to research, create a template, add content, and create a 500 frame Adobe Flash that related to our project. I encountered many obstacles in this task. The obstacles I encountered were, I had to diconnect the website from my school drive, I had trouble making the flash, and had trouble exporting my flash program into the website. I asked my teacher in order to fix some of my errors and some I figured out on my own. This task helped me understand web design because I had to create a webite just like a person who wroks in the field of web design. The completion of this task helped me as a student because I am now able to design and create a website and can use these skills while doing projects in other classes. Also, I learned how to stay organized and name every layer or document whuch will also help mebegin to become more organized in my other classes. I want to be a state trooper when I am older and might even be in the computer crimes division of the state police, so I can use my knowledge of code and how to make a website in this field of work.
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