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During this task, we learned how to create a website, flash animations, and hwo to publish the website. This website is a culmination of my work in this class. In order to create this site, I needed to draw upon knowledge of HTML coding, Adobe Flash Animation, and web design. Mr. Herz taught us about things such as how to use flash and also how to create a site using dreamweaver. In addition, our experience with HTML from the beginning of the year helped me when I was having trouble with my website layout. I had to go into the split screen option on the dreamweaver window and remova a part of code that was causing my website to change color. Next, I went to creating the individual pages. This process went relatively slowly, as I had to type each page myself with the exeption of pages with intructions from another site. I used the food network site in my work and it was instrumental on the how to cook pasta page. Once all of the basic pages had been completed, I got to animating. I used Adobe Flash Animator to create the two pasta animations that are in this site. Then, I created my works cited. One thing I found challenging was the flash animation because I had trouble using some tweens in the program. Finally, this website prepared me for my final exam which is coming up soon. In conclusion, this site will prepare me for the work to come and it also sums up the year thus far.