Alex Wingate
Mr. Herz
Web Design
January 22, 2016
Learning Reflection


Now that I have your attention, I did my task on archery. So I had to describe and introduce basic concepts and materials needed for archery. Plus a little history. I have shot Bows sense I was small but never got into it until recently so that gave me background knowledge but I also had to do some research on the internet. I demonstrated my ability to design a website and ability to improvise because I had no idea what I as doing half the time. This is important in case I get into and kind of designing classes or career in the future and being able to improvise helps everything.

First I had to research my topic a little, then made a template. fill in the template as I saw fit. then design and put pictures where i wanted. Next I created a Flash and put that in the site. Polished up my site and turned it in. I had some trouble putting my Flash together, but other then that it was fine. I made a different kind of Flash to avoid the problem. This project really helped me understand web design because that's what we were doing. Creating a website.

Completing this task has helped me in my computer skills and probably typing speed. Both of these will help me in future classes and events in my life I'm sure.


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