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There are three kind of bows: long bows, recurve bows, and compound bows. (Cross Bows don't count)


long bows are the most basic kind of bow. They can be as basic as a stick with a string tied on both ends to cuase enough tension to launch arrows. Long bows are also the oldest kind of bow and are still around so obivesly they work. Even though they dont have any advantages some people prefure them because of the basic nature to them, and they can show off your skill as an archer even more then a compound because aiming is almost all instinct.


Recrurve bows are simular to long bows in build and basicnes but the limbs of the bow are bent back then forward again. This allows them to have increased power with the same draw weight as long bows. Recurve bows are usually very elligant and a beautiful bows so they are not easy for a beginers to make.


Compound bows are the smallest kind of bow yet can be equally as powerful. They have pullys on their limbs to increase the power. They also have the most places for attachments such as sights, lazers, quivers, etc. Compound bows are probably the average bow hunters weapon of choice because of this. Compound Bows are also probably most common kind of bows today.


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