Making Your Own Website

For this project, we were to use our prior knowledge on what we had learned previously in Web Graphics and use it to create our own webite. In order to make your own website, there are a varitey of things that need to be known. For example, knowing how to manage sites and linking various things to others, knowing how to use the tools on Adobe DreamWeaver appropriately,and also planning previously. Having an idea of what you want your website to be focused on and an outline of what you want your website to look like. The purpose of this project was to have a better understanding and to strengthen our ability to do various things when it comes to making a website, or, to use this knowledge outside of the classroom if there were ever a time where this type of information was needed. To create a webite, you first need to come up with what you want your website to be like. That includes the layout, and the information you want to put in the website about your topic. You'll then apply the information you want your website to have where you desire on your website. Throughout this project I had encountered many obstacles. For example, changing the background color for each page became stressful, for I did not know how to do it at first. Another obstacle i had encountered was importing pictures. It was difficult to get various images in a place where i had wanted it to be. But, I had managed to finish the project and am quite proud of the outcome. This project defintely made Web Design somewhat easier for me. Previously in the beginning of the year, I can remember struggling to an extreme extent and having no knowledge on the class or computers. Projects like this make me understand the information I needed to know better, no matter how hard the task is. All in all, I can say that this project has made me a better student in Web Graphics and has strengthened me as a student aswell. I plan on using this information in the future when a time comes where this information can be put to use.

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