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A rc vehicle can have a simple view on how it goes or works like the

picture on this page now. It has a battery that plugs into a speed

control or also called an ESC. The ESC is the brain of the vehicle.

It connects to everything in the circut and recieves a command from the

reciever that communicates to the transmitter and sends commands back

to the ESC and gives power to the motor and servo(s). Other vehicles such

as an airplane commonly have more servos which control the direction of

the aircraft. That will tell you how many channels the aircraft has. This is

important to know because the less channels, the simple the circut is which

means you will have less control of the aircraft. Another vehicle would be the

helicopter which has a more complicated placing of where the circut is. It can

have the battery, one or more motors, servos, and an esc. But where the parts

are put is very hard to explain where they are. A helicopter still will have the

same circut as an airplane has, but a different place in the vehicle.