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"The Golden Age":Bimbo

In America from the 1920s to the 1960s was considered the "Golden Age"

of animated cartoons. Theatrical cartoons were produced in large numbers

and were originally shown in movie theatres before a feature film. In this

"age", Disney, Fleishcer, Warner Brothers, MGM, Walter Lantz, and UPA were

the largest studios producing these 5 to 10 minute animated "shorts". [s]

(Pictured right is a documentary about the history of animation featuring a Bimbo,

a character frequently associated with Betty Boop)


The Start of Something New:steamboat willie

In 1928, Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie (starring Mickey Mouse's first appearance)

was the first cartoon to have synchronized sound. After that, the term "Mickey Mousing"

was coined and used as a term to define cartoons with synchronized animation and sound.

Disney also produced the first "Technicolor" cartoon, Flowers and Trees in 1932. [s]

(Pictured right is an image from Steamboat Willie (1928) where Mickey Mouse is introduced)


The Tube Comes Through:the flintstones

The Introduction of the television in the 1950s drew audiences away from movie theatre

cartoons and to their own living rooms. Hanna Barbera's cartoon, The Flinstones (1960), was

the first successful primetime animated series in the United States on the television lasting

6 years. From the 1950s, then on to today, most animated cartoons are produced mostly for

the television. [s]

(Pictured right: The Flinstones (1960) title screen)


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