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Naomi Shoemo

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

11 January 2016

Creating a Website Reflection

In my Web Graphics and Design class, my fellow students and I have started a project

where we create a website based around a certain topic. This project is very involved and

requires a lot of concentration because if I make one mistake it could have a negative effect from

where I move forward and ruin the site so that some things will not work correctly. In order to

complete this task I had to have 8 different pages linked to my site, have my outside images

linked to its original source, include a reflection page and works cited page, and lastly include a

flash animation on my website. Before starting the task, we learned how to complete the certain

steps to finish our project successfully and I was also given help when I hit some obstacles in my

progress. My class and I learned from the beginning how to use HTML (the coding and building

blocks used to create a website), DreamWeaver (the program that is specifically used to create

websites), and the basics of Adobe Flash (which is used to create the animation for our website).

Learning how to use all of these different programs and code was a necessity in proficiently

completing this common task, if I did not know how to use HTML or the steps in creating my

website, my whole site would have been a complete disaster and I would have had to start my

website over from the beginning to fix it. The skills I acquired doing this project was becoming

better accustomed to HTML and computer programming that I can use in this class, in my other

computer classes, and also at home outside of school. These skills are important to this task

because it helps me appropriately finish this task to the best of my ability because without these

skills I would fail terribly and would not know how to fix my website issues if I had any.

When completing this website I started by making my own template and started building

on from there adding images, text, videos, and my flash. I made sure not to forget to link my

outside sources to its original website so that I do not plagiarize the information or pictures that I

used. The obstacles I encountered building this website had pretty much all to do with my time

management and how long it took me to build up my website and link everything back to its

original source. My flash animation is also on the rocks because that is taking me so long to

finish as well and ultimately post it on my website's Index page. Fortunately I did not have to

trouble-shoot much of anything on my website except there was a part where I renamed a folder

with my pictures in it and my website did not connect my older folder with my newer folder, but

all I had to do was re-insert my pictures where they were supposed to go and everything was fine

after that. Everything else wrong with my website was more of my physical self's fault and not a

coding error. Completing this task has really helped me understand Web Design more in depth

because making a good website includes having web pages that are aesthetically pleasing,

including intelligent and understandable information, and also keeping your audience interested

with pictures, examples, videos, and games (which I included in my own website).

The completion of this task has helped me as a student because it better aids me in my

other computer classes where we also use coding and also helps me with HTML coding at home

because I occasionally use it recreationally as well. I can see myself using the skills I have

learned from this class in the future if I ever take a game programming and design class in art

school or using my skills in the field of animation if I follow the path of a 3-Dimensional

animator where they constantly use coding and mathematics in their professions. I really enjoyed

taking this class and also doing this project, it was one of my favorite tasks I have done

throughout my high school career!

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