Brooke Minty

Mr. Herz

Web Design

January 14, 2017

For this common task I had to create an animation and a website to go with the theme of the amination. Adobe Flash was used to create the animation and Adobe Dreamweaver were used to create the website. The process of doing this task started with have to decide on a topic and what your animation will be of. Once that is done you have to open Flash and start working on an animation. To make this animation you will have to have knowledge on how to use flash such as using tweens and keyframes. Next, you have to turn the Flash Animation into a movie to be able to put it into Dreamweaver.  Then, you have to do research on your topic, once you gather information you have to put it into your website and arrange it into eight different tabs. The background information I had to complete this task is from the course of Web Graphic Design. I acquired many skills from this course, including how to use the two programs, Flash and Dreamweaver. Some skills that were important to have to complete this task was how to use the tweens to be able to get all the gum ball to move. Another skill is being able to use keyframes, to make sure that after you use the tween you can still move and erase the gumballs, if you do not use keyframes I learned that you would have to redo the whole layer for the animation to work right. Obstacles I faced during this process were things such as the pictures in the website and being able to put them into it and having them be able to have a link to the website they came from. To overcome this I just had to put in some more work and patience to get it done. Another obstacle that came about was being able to get done in time, but with the leniency of Mr. Herz who gave the class a few extra days i was able to complete the task.  The task helped me understand Web Design because it was everything we learned threw out the semester put into one thing, letting me really be able to work on all the skills I learned. By completing this task and learning all these skills I will be able to use the things I learned in other computer course. I anticipate on using these skills I learned in this task in my workplace in the future.